brand imagery by  etincelle studio

brand imagery by etincelle studio


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A pair of jeans that fit just right, a special top that makes you feel amazing : clothes have the power to lift your mood. Let's be real life is hard! and clothes are fun! I love vintage clothing because it can invigorate your whole wardrobe and make you excited to put an outfit together in the morning.

It's also good for the earth to recycle, and a lot of times less expensive than traditional retail. I've tried to mix in a little something for everyone - some affordable basics and a few special investment pieces. I hope that you find inspiration here - I love mixing vintage pieces with smaller labels and up and coming designers so maybe you'll even find a new favorite maker while you're looking around. 

I've always loved vintage - it's in my blood. My mom and dad were bargain hunting long before they brought me into this world, and I like to think I was born with the thrill of the hunt thanks to them. I hope that my kids see that there is beauty in recycled goods and that sometimes a piece is special exactly because it's already lived a long life before we ever found it. 

Thanks for shopping. Let's be friends.