encourage womxn : natalie bowen brookshire

Natalie is the kind of person I could run into at a party of 100 people and end up talking to the whole time. She is such a wise woman full of lightness and also depth. Her floral designs are sculptural and full of amazing textures and colors. Her husband Seth is an incredible architect - I love being in their stunning San Francisco home - Natalie finds ways to infuse flowers and personal touches in every corner.

Naturally we had a really fun afternoon going through a few of her vintage treasures together. I hope you enjoy this little peek into her world!

I love vintage because … It is unexpected, has as story and is often playful.
— Natalie
Natalie at home

I love …

Beauty, peace, love, my family, my home and my ongoing quest to be a better human.

What I love most about my job is …

Bringing visions to life and floating with the seasonal change.

The secret to finding good vintage is …

Not hesitating to buy it when you see it even if you weren’t planning on getting something. Also, looking at second hand stores when you are in more rural places. I’ve found some of my best pieces in Montana and Wyoming.

I’m always on the hunt for …

Accessories, jewelry, purses and jackets.

My most treasured vintage piece is…

My jewelry from my Grandmother and some dresses she saved for me when I was a toddler. She worked in a Discovery Shop second hand store and would save pieces she thought were special that I may want one day.

If I had a day all to myself …

I’d go to yoga and have a tea with a friend and and get a massage and have lunch with my husband and have a meaningful conversation with someone unexpected and then get my email inbox down to zero and have a relaxing nap and read a full chapter of a book and score some vintage and then hang with my kids. All while having a really good hair day.

(Amen sister!)

See all of the images from our afternoon together below!

You can follow along with Natalie’s adventures here and see her stunning floral work over at Natalie Bowen Designs, and stay tuned to shop this pink caftan soon, too!



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